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UNITED ARROWS's Green Relaxing and NEW Label on board BALANCE is not the first time to meet, it is a lot of "criminal record" as early as the previous two, like M670, M996 and CM998 etc., are classic popular styles of cooperation. 2012 in the winter quarter both together again, this time with a thousand system exceptional streamline models M1500 as object, Green Label Relaxing and New Balance as everyone knows the cooperation has always been playing with different fabrics, the texture of a brown leather as the dominant material to build the whole body of the shoe, even was part of the nylon net surface also in conjunction with leather instead, more intimate, cheap jordans online this cooperation also comes with a set of shoe cream, so you can better play for leather shoes, which is quite rare even past unprecedented parts of this double version of the CM1500 UG cooperation will be held this month on sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. purchase information: 〈br buy="" connection has many elements has been enduring, punching is one of them, and today we are also introduced to the punching element to build reative Recreation2012 spring summer CESARIO. CESARIO has always been one of the most representative shoes all CR shoes, shoe buckle design, to greatly hel Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping p set high shoes are very obvious highlights CR FASHION SNEAKER style is more biased. The shoes will also be on the summer demand on the design, so the upper use of punching settings, so that the shoes themselves more convenient ventilation, to ensure that the summer wear habits. this sneaker has been sold in the United States, and your favorite friends must not miss it. development of Dagang Town shoe characteristic industry in Yancheng City is a thriving scene everywhere. A white wall blue top standard workshop row upon row of a car, precision four column cutting machine is fully equipped for Xingan shoe manufacturing company, the main Cheap air jordan 12 ovo plant has been completed, Pioneer Park shoe city industrial park covers an area of 130 thousand square meters is under construction. Park Neijiang Su Yuanhua Light Equipment Co., Ltd., the newly developed four-color hot stamping machine for the first set of domestic, successfully settled in Taiwan customers, and received praise. Dagang this Millennium town, the Dagang shoes mainly depends on the initial stage of "process". After 40 years of development, shoe-making machinery has been listed as a pillar industry of the national Spark Program, which has promoted the town to be the demonstration area of township enterprises and the national spark technolo cheap jordans for sale gy intensive area. Hongye machinery company, trade long United Shoe Machinery Co, Yuanhua machinery company was named Jiangsu province spark technology intensive areas of key enterprises. it is understood that the shoe pillar enterprises with lathe, planer, milling machine, boring machine and other professional machinery and equipment more than 5000 Taiwan (sets), an annual output of 100 thousand sets of shoes (sets), more than 13000 employees. The town's industrial enterprises have built a wide range of marketing and information networks, in the country's major cities set up more than 60 outlets, the full-time marketing staff of more than 1200 people. Retro jordans for sale Shoe enterprises in Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce shoes "as a leader, in close cooperation with Italy, Taiwan, Wenzhou Shoe Machinery Association, mutual promotion and development, has established cooperative relations of mutual benefit. Dagang Town to catch up with the outstanding characteristics, and strong industry, in the whole town, to create "Chinese shoe city", the construction of shoe machine, petroleum equipment Industrial Park, a strong push industry development does not stop. The leading industry and investment, industry chain constantly stretched thickening, shoe products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, is the coun Cheap air jordans for sale try's largest shoe-making machinery production base and export base, and Dongguan, Wenzhou formed a "three" trend. The success of the China · Yancheng Shoe Expo, has become the national PARKnSHOP characteristic town and deputy director of the Chinese Association unit, the national light industry machine manufacturing industry base in Jiangsu Province, shoe-making machinery innovation professional town, and as the shoe industry characteristics of small towns in World Expo "exhibition in Shanghai, with a strong advantage of the characteristics of new industry, the characteristics of catch up" the. current shoe city industrial zone infrastructure al cheap foamposites ready in place, Jiangsu Province Light Industry Machinery Products Quality Inspection Center fully operational, the park shoe-making enterprises reached 22. The town to actively guide enterprises to develop new products, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, significantly enhance the core competitiveness, namely the national spark technology intensive areas of the center of the brand. The past "Ooka processing" to "Dagang manufacturing" changes, and started to move "Ooka creation", industry currently has five series of more than 500 varieties, including 458 national patents. It is named as the first model town of intellectual property rights in Y cheap jordans for sale mens ancheng City. )For a long time in Jiaozuo Wenxian County south Zhang Qiang Zhen footwear industry in the production of a group of large, small, family owned business, no brand of short-term behavior, the town Party committee and government will invest 600 thousand yuan, 150 acres of land planning south Zhang Qiang Zhen Shoes Industrial Park, to speed up the pace of land transfer, land certificate and office leasing companies so, the mortgage, the introduction of footwear management advice, to achieve two major changes, a leap, a step, from family workshops to decentralized management of modern intensive management, the two changes from the disorderly competi Retro jordans for sale tion to orderly competition, by the "three noes" products to well-known brands across the hidden market toward standardization into the market. first, through the planning of shoe industry, and gradually guide the shoe-making households out of the family, into the district; ; two is through the establishment of group company and support large-scale footwear changed from households to intensive management, so as to realize the scale expansion, the formation of the leading enterprises, driven by the long-term development of shoe; the three is to build new south Zhang Qiang passenger station and the proposed south Zhang Qiang footwear freight cheap jordan shoes for men information center based on the establishment of a foreign display window, Zhang Qiang footwear products, market sale is completed by the standardized operation of the market, and gradually formed the Southern Zhang Qiang professional market of the footwear industry; four is to strengthen the management of registered trademarks, enhance quality and build their own brands; the five is to carry out quality assessment activities, every town government will organize 1 - 2 footwear product quality appraisal activities, led by industry and commerce, quality supervision, industry in the town office and other departments, quality inspection and evaluation of the household products and footwear, shoe households awarded star signs and for good quality products and footwear to households in the peer praise, of poor quality products should be punished and exposure; closed management and protection system of listing six, assigned to the park's key enterprises, ensure that enterprises of 1 - 25, quiet production date, shigenao functional departments of the enterprise public commitment to accept social supervision. (Editor: admin)The famous fashion designer Thom Browne recently held a tennis match, to celebrate Albemarle Street first store opened in London, and simultaneously launched a limited fashion series, the series inspired tennis, with white color, including Oxford cloth shirt, jacket, leather shoes, handbags and other variety of products. It is reported that the series will be officially released on July 11th. Skechers copied the road farther and farther, and this time again with Yeezy Boost 350, V2 on, in the picture above can clearly see plagiarism marks are very serious, it is dumbfounding. For Skechers, actually copying the door has been more than one or two times, but each time attracted a sigh. Don't you like Yeezy's friends only because of its vamp design? the American street fashion brand John Elliott recently released the 2016 summer series modeling lookbook preview, specifically to Vietnam filming also for the full album catalog brings a different kind of nature, as the sense that. In the new season in the series, John Elliott's focus is still on the choice of material, the continuation of the identification of simple high street style, choose the texture of cotton, linen and other natural materials to create a T-shirt, sweater, jacket and trousers of a single product, low-key but very level mix feeling will also show John Elliott contracted the streets flavor incisively and vividly. Interested friends may wish to wait for the new season of John Elliott when a single product sale. source: HYPEBEAST